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Underworld Plumbing is the #1 plumbing repair company in Miami, FL. With over ten years of plumbing experience, our services are second to none. Our team of expert plumbers come highly skilled and can handle any job, regardless of scope or size. Whether we are working on a commercial or residential project, our top priority is always the satisfaction of our customers. 

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Plumbing Services We Offer


New Construction

Underworld Plumbing specializes in new commercial and residential construction. Our team can install fixtures, systems, insulation, drains, and other items tailored to our client’s specifications. 

Custom Homes

If you have a custom-built home, we can offer specialized installation services, ensuring each aspect of the project is designed and installed according to the owner’s needs. 

Plumbing Repairs and Unclogging

As part of our services, we offer comprehensive plumbing repair services to fix problems such as leaks, clogged drains, faulty fixtures, and drips. No repair job is too small or big for us to handle. 

Plumbing Remodeling

We offer plumbing remodeling services, from changing piping layouts to shifting appliances and fixtures. 

Sewer Lines

We offer various sewer line services, including repair, cleaning, inspection, and replacement. We use techniques like trenchless pipelining and hydrojetting to fix common problems like clogs, pipe leaks, and root intrusions. 

Sewer and Piping Video Inspections

We conduct video inspections of drains and pipes using non-invasive methods to identify leaks, blockages, and other issues, enabling targeted repairs and preemptive maintenance. 

Gas Piping

We can install, repair, and maintain gas fixtures and pipes for commercial and residential properties. 

Grease Traps

We install, inspect, and maintain grease traps for commercial kitchens and restaurants in compliance with local rules and regulations.

Trenchless Pipelining

Gone are the days when digging deep, long trenches were necessary to repair or install an underground drain pipe. 

Septic Tanks and Drain Field Installation

We install and maintain drain fields and septic tanks for commercial and residential properties. 

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Signs You’re in Need of Plumbing Repair


Slow Drains

When multiple drains in your home are slow, you need to call a plumbing repair service, as this is a sign of a more severe problem. 

Low Water Pressure

A water supply issue may cause low pressure, but more often than not, it is usually a sign of underlying problems. Low pressure indicates several plumbing issues, ranging from faulty fixtures to corroded pipes. 

Sewage Backup

Wastewater should move in one direction, out! You should call a plumber immediately when it comes back into your house through your sink or bathtub. 

Discolored Water

If your water is discolored, it may be more than just a water supply issue. It’s best to call a plumber to pinpoint the cause of the problem. 

Noisy Pipes

Plumbing systems should not be noisy. If yours is, it is a sign of a more significant issue. Banging, squealing, or gurgling sounds indicate clogged drains or trapped air. 

Smelly Drains

Drains are supposed to be smelly, right? Not always! Bacteria in your drains can cause a foul smell, but if there’s a consistent lousy smell coming from them, it could be a sign of a blockage or a broken sewer pipe. 

Why Work With Us?

Below are some of the benefits of going with our services at Underworld Plumbing:

  • We are a local company.
  • We have over a decade of experience
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction
  • We have fully licensed and insured plumbers
  • We offer free, upfront estimates

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Underworld Plumbing is the best choice for speedy, affordable, professional plumbing services in Miami. Our plumbing technicians are certified, highly skilled, and experienced. 

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